Finding a Voice-Over Artist

It’s 2018 and so, in theory, we have no vocal prejudices right? Nope, wrong. It still matters what we sound like. And when you’re looking for a voice-over artist, the first thing to remember is not all are created equal. It isn’t PC to discriminate because of how someone sounds, but the fact is if you’re looking for someone to be a commercial voice over boston ma you probably don’t have someone with a broad New York City accent in mind.

What should you look for, if having a regional accent is ok?

Clarity and tone

commercial voice over boston ma

It goes without saying that the voice over has to be understandable. But to whom? IF you’re making a commercial for the Red Sox, then in theory Boston patois get it. The voice needs to be clear for the people to whom you’re aiming the piece of work. In addition, the voice artist needs to be able to convey the mood.  Do you want high energy and enthusiasm? Do you want a somber formal tone for an evening with the pops? They need to be able to convey the message in the voice of the people who are the target audience.


Some people are comfortable talking to a microphone, others find it problematic and as a result become formal and it is clear they’re talking to a machine. The ideal candidate for a voiceover is going to come across as if they are talking to your audience. The tone depends on the message, but the feeling is one person talking to another. Your listeners will be more likely to recognize themselves as the target audience if they feel someone is talking to them.

A voice-over has the ability to entice or repel, so it is important that you’re clear what you want.