#Notmypresident and other #thinking

America is polarized like never before. For a start the divisions between the political right and left have never been further apart. Bullying in the workplace happens in the heart of the government and apparently it is acceptable for those at the top to call out colleagues.

Like never before we need to be holding elected officials accountable. We elect these men and women based on the things they tell us while they are canvassing. It is more important than ever before that we hold people accountable for their promises.

There are two figures floating about at the moment that are of interest in this context. One is that the numbers of millennials will soon equal and then pass the number of baby boomers as time passes. Their vote will be the most important with 10 years or so.

Secondly, if all women who are eligible to vote were to do so, they would control elections. Where these two themes come together is with millennial women. These are people who see no reason why their salary should be smaller than a male colleague, and to be fair the male millennial probably thinks the same way.

holding elected officials accountable

Our elected officials have made promises on these sensitive type of issues and it is time, on behalf of the generations who follow us to hold them accountable. #notinmyname is a worthy stance to start with. It helps to keep a person sane to say#notinmyname, but it actually does more good in the long term to hold accountable those we have elected on the promises they have made.

Some of these might be difficult promises to keep. Unforeseen consequences occur all the time. But we should at least know which promises will be broken and why. That way we can know how to vote next time.